Pure electric driving technology achieves healthy lifestyle with free emission and pollution

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Ni-Co Lithium Manganese Battery

Higher stability and safety compared with traditional type, with cycle life up to 2,000 times, and calender life up to 10 years.
    • To be truly electric, you need to break away from tradition. With the Ni-Co Lithium Manganese Battery we commit to a higher lifecycle, more power, and getting basics like stability and safety right.
    • One of the biggest challenges with electric - charging! But where there is a problem, we are committed to finding a solution. Our batteries can be charged anywhere - at home, at charging stations. And like your smartphone, it can be charged faster when you are short on time.10- 80% in 30 minutes is what we promise.
    • Our batteries are designed to be light-weight and compact. They utilise fibre-reinforced plastic as the outer-covering for a compact design.
    • To us, the safety of our drivers come first. Hence, our teams are always enabling technology that makes the systems safe and protected. Be it our waterproof protection, high voltage shock protection systems, we are thinking 360 degree safety.
    • Our driving system comes power packed and with an ability to select the source of power automatically, enabling it to consume less fuel and yet, enable a powerful driving experience. The engine comes loaded with 1.5L VTI-tech gasoline engine, Integrated Starter and Generator, and Traction motor.
    • Our vehicles are mode enabled - E, N and M that stands for economic, regular and mountain mode. The car is intelligent enough to understand your driving needs and would select the output source accordingly. Which simply means, you can let your car do the thinking for you.
    • Stability, safety, water resistance all comes packed in the ternary lithium ion high-energy battery utilised in our cars
    • Our vehicles operate on two levels - battery as well as a hydrogen based fuel cell system. Wonder if it makes the performance go a notch down? We promise, it does not. Better, your car can start at lower temperatures, the likes of -20 degree celsius. We also promise better performance - mileage up to 430km & speed at 160km/h.
    • Our consumers safety is our top priority. Our battery system are protected against leakages and meet the highest standard ]UL2580. Further, all the parts are at protection level of IP67.
    • Even after having the world’s Leading Fuel Cell Technology, our R&D does not stop. We have won many awards to our name including the third of Automotive Fuel Cell Group in Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2011, and ranked the first in 2014 but we still continue to pursue what lies beyond and what can be better upon.