Indian music artistes create 9 renditions of the popular MG Anthem

New Delhi, March 23, 2021: Upping the brand pillar of ‘Experiences’, MG Motor India has now taken its musical brand identity further by developing 9 renditions of its popular ‘MG Anthem’. The MG Anthem song was first launched in 2019 to create a musical identity for the brand.

The awe-inspiring musical arrangements resonate with ‘cutting-edge innovation’, ‘adventure’, ‘zeal’, and ‘premium’ experiences that are now synonymous with MG. The first 9 renditions of the MG Anthem can be heard at:




Music is a universal language which connects people across regions. As part of its ‘Sounds of India’ initiative, the carmaker aims to connect the 9 new song renditions with wider audiences as it makes inroads into newer geographies. The carmaker is rapidly increasing its presence across the country with 250+ touchpoints across 140+cities already.

The 9 renditions will be used across different regions of India in all formats including television, social media, and other online and offline communication channels, to help establish brand connect and resonate with customers.

The brand has collaborated with 9 artists including Nandini and Mahesh, Stephen, Raman and Dushyant, Shyam Band, Oxygen, Catchy, Baiju, Abhi and Fiddlecraft.


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